Interviewed by Sheffield ACSE Department

Well, it has been a long time since my last interview when I was still a undergraduate student. This time, I was interviewed by Mrs. Emma, the Market Officer in the ACSE Department, during the robot competition in May. It is also lucky that party of the interview video got a chance to be presented on the department homepage:


In this interview, I introduced the core techniques of the robot I designed in the 3rd ACSE Search and Rescue Robot Competition. I talked about the mechanical structure of my robot, the challenge of wireless robot and the benefits of taking part in such a competition for my future career.

Frankly speaking, I feel like I was performed better than what was shown in the video. The part that is cut into the video is when I have talked for some while and start to feel tired. But anyway, it was a good experience and made me more comfortable of a interview without preparing in advance.