Embedded Systems

What is the BEST Hardware Platform Means to Me

Last week I tried to make my new Intel Galileo running a basic 14 x 7 LED Matrix program which was working perfectly on my old Arduino UNO. This Intel powered opensource platform has a CPU frequency of 400MHz while the Arduino only got 16MHz. The interesting thing I found is, after I spent 3 hours to port the program to Galileo and executed it with full of expectation, the program turned out to work crappy: the LED matrix looked unstable and each pixel had a different luminance.

Weather Report and Forecasting with Python

OpenWeatherMap.org is a free weather forecast website, where you can get up-to-date weather reports. One nice thing about this website is that it does provide weather APIs which you can use to fetch current weather data, and use them to build your own weather-forecasting program. In this post, I will describe how to use python to access the weather APIs and fetch the current weather information. The full documentation of the APIs can be find here: http://openweathermap.